Welcome to Captain's Legacy Society

Our mission is to create an enduring legacy echoing the lives of dedicated mariners whose mentorship and leadership inspired achievement throughout the maritime community. 

The Captain’s Legacy Society is a non-profit 501 (C)3 organization.

Origin Story

Founded out of profound personal loss in 2019 the Captain’s Legacy Society acknowledges and honors the dedicated lives of our shipmates.

Recalling the impact that Captain Bert Rogers had upon his shipmates and on generations of young people under his command, initially inspired a call to action in his memory.  We were quickly set on a broader mission when others recalled their own remarkable stories under the command of equally esteemed mariner’s. The resulting course laid is now known as the Captain’s Legacy Society, an organization meant to perpetuate the dedication of those who have passed through this life and honor those who remain committed to providing the rugged life lessons of a seafaring voyage.

The Captain’s Legacy Society is named to honor the collective mentorship and leadership of passionate sailors whose tutelage seeps through the ranks from the quarterdeck to the foc’sle and into the lives of all trainees who venture aboard to learn what it’s like to live in a self-contained world with an extended family of shipmates.  Shipmates who contribute to the safe, and inclusive crew culture without prejudice to race, gender, sexual identity, or religion.  As a non-profit 501 (C)3 organization, our inspiration-filled sails got underway with the serious and important commitment to ensure future generations of young people who seek this will continue to have the opportunity through named scholarships honoring Mariners.

Bert’s selflessness ran through decades of his professional maritime career.  In his words, he felt “He was born of the sea, for the sea, and found upon it, “. His descriptive letters sent from ports around the world while aboard Romance, often had an orphic sensibility, filled with pride in owning his fate, the self-promise to share this discovery far and wide, and of excitement for that potential.  That was the depth of feeling born on the sea and of the sea which sustained Captain Bert Rogers and his lifelong gritty fortitude for the oft futile environs encountered in nonprofit experiential education.

The Marinero Scholarship Fund honors Bert’s ethos, we can also name specific passages of a voyage in honor of your inspirational person. Please email dona@captainslegacysociety.org for more information.

Why do we call it the Marinero Fund:  Named for the serious able-bodied Spanish Marinero’s who were emulated by many North American mariners as having notable skill, endurance, and camaraderie.  Amongst present-day sailors, to be called a Marinero is a point of pride, to say the least.

*This website contains many quotes originally heard in a video tribute of Captain Bert Rogers, as produced by Matt Zacharias. All other content is either taken from Bert’s hand written letters of the late 70’s or written by Dona Giglio, Captain’s Legacy Society Director and widow of the Late Captain Bert Rogers

The stalwart crew of the now scuttled Brigantine Romance keeps the Marinero namesake to commemorate their robust days of sailing with the irrefutable Captain Arthur Kimberly during his decades-long command of Romance.