2021 Marinero Scholarship Awarded


                                                                                                 PRESS RELEASE  August 11 2021


Subject: Maritime Scholarship Award 


The Captain’s Legacy Society has awarded a Marinero Fund scholarship to a 26-year-old Martha’s Vineyard resident.  

The scholarship has been granted to a qualified recipient whose ambition is to embark on an 8-week live-aboard internship sailing as a trainee on the Martha’s Vineyard schooner Shenandoah.

As an intern on board Shenandoah, the trainee will gain experience sailing alongside the paid professional crew.  Once the 8-week sailing period has been successfully completed the captain of the ship will award the trainee a sea time letter which is the first step toward a licensing goal if the trainee desires more experience on the open sea or to pursue an adventurous career as a professional mariner.

In addition, if the awardee has shown enthusiasm and a desire to continue as a shipmate and crew member both FUEL and Captain’s Legacy Society agree to offer a 4-week extended opportunity.   The awardee will then complete the season and remain aboard as part of the down-rigging team. 

While downrigging the trainee will gain many maritime technical skills and will have a good idea if a voyage at sea is their next goal.