The Captain’s Legacy Society’s Mission

Our mission is to fund opportunities for individuals to experience the challenges and self growth of seagoing adventure in honor of the dedicated mariners whose mentorship and leadership inspired achievement throughout the maritime community.  The Captain’s Legacy Society is a non-profit 501 (C)3 organization

Our Inspiration – Our Captain

As witnesses and benefactor(s) of the steadfast pursuit by “Bert Rogers” our Captain, our Shipmate, and Colleague we were blinded when his life was cut short and mourn our loss intensely.

In a true testimony to his brilliant tenacity, we are inspired to overcome the hand of “the god’s” of injustice and steer a perpetual course of advancing and promoting a “Rite of Passage”  for young people about to get their life underway.

At the onset of this endeavor, it became apparent that this can’t be about just one person in a sea of revered captains and shipmates, past and present who are or were dedicated to mentoring countless lives through the travails of a seagoing career.  This is very much about all mariners whose health, safety, and personal growth relied upon exceptional leaders.   Whether you had the opportunity to navigate the shoals of youth aboard a traditional tall ship at sea or rose through the merchant ranks, even if your most grueling challenges thus far, were in a maritime classroom, honor that person, or yourself if you met the challenges through your own awesome sense of purpose and willpower. Shoutout and 3 hefty huzzahs to you!

Now celebrate your success in perpetuity. Honor those whose dedication and commitment to promoting seafaring and sail-training for young people keep the traditions of our maritime heritage within reach for future generations to experience. An ocean voyage aboard a tall ship is a true Rite of Passage, it is a personal and everlasting accomplishment we never get tired of talking about. Here’s what to know.

The Marinero Fund is a scholarship fund created by the Captain’s Legacy Society.  Named to honor the fortitude of the esteemed Captain Bert Rogers,  a true Marinero of the Barkentine Romance, and his unwavering sustenance for the advancement of mariners and the seafaring way of life.  The Marinero Fund strives to honor all dedicated sailors through named scholarship awards that provide sea-going voyage opportunities.    DONATE NOW.

Whose your inspiration?

“Born of the sea, for the sea, a nurturing, flooding my soul with emotions I never had before nor since”
Fair Winds Captain Bert Rogers 11/21/1956 - 8/11/2018